M.G. Biscotteria Veneziana S.r.l.
Via E. Bugatti, 25
Jesolo Venezia · Italy
Tel. +39 0421 350080
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Our story

It only seems like yesterday when Carmelina Palmisano was working in the family run bakery in Burano, in the very heart of Venice, a business that is still going on today.
It is there that she first began mixing flour, eggs, butter and flavourings to create a series of typical biscuits: Bussolà, Esse, Zaletti, Moretti, Limoncini, Cocchini, and many others.
Nowadays these biscuits are some of the best-known in the Venetian biscuit-making tradition.
Thanks to the experience she has gained, Carmelina Palmisano still creates recipes which epitomise her love for good, wholesome food, and her business has been gradually growing over the years, though staying loyal to her traditional homemade techniques.